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Реферат 2 сочинения по иностранному языку для 9 класса (english)

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Текст реферата 2 сочинения по иностранному языку для 9 класса (english)

At my grandfather's.
My sister and I enjoy living in the country, that is why we usually
spend our summer holidays at our grandfather's. He lives and works in
the forest he is a forester. He lives in a small house. He has a
garden. Different plants grow in his garden. It is very beautiful
there. There is a lake near the house. The lake is full is fish. Near
the lake there are high green hills and large fields. A lot of
different flowers grow in the fields. I like forgetmenot best of all.
The forest is full of mushrooms and berries. Different birds and
animals live on the hills and in the forest. Grandfather knows and
loves them all. He knows a lot of things about animals: where they
live in winter and in summer, what they eat, what they like to do, how
they teach their children and play with them. He knows all about birds
too. When a bird is singing he can say what bird it is. In winter when
there is not much food to eat in the forest, he gives the birds
something to eat.
Grandfather likes the forest. He always says that the forest is full
of wonders. We like to listen to grandfather's stories about the
forest's wonders.
At my granny's
Last summer we went to visit my granny. She has got a nice little
house in the country. It is very comfortable. There is a livingroom, a
kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, a hall and there are two bedrooms.
There are many different flowers in front of the house and behind it,
there are a lot of fruit trees too. We like to visit our granny, but
we don't often go there, as we are very busy.
That summer day my granny was out but w had the keys with us. I
wanted to have a nice day in the country. We went there by taxi.
Granny's house is very neat and nice. There are two floors. The
kitchen and the livingroom are on the ground floor. There is a
fireplace in the livingroom. I like to sit in the old rocking armchair
by the fire in the evening. The television is also here. The bedrooms
and the bathroom are upstairs. The curtains in the granny's bedroom
are very nice. There is also an old framed mirror in this room. When I
was a little girl I thought it is magical.
The toilet is next to kitchen on the ground floor.