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Реферат 6 топиков по иностранному языку (english)

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Текст реферата 6 топиков по иностранному языку (english)

Would you work if you didn’ t need the money? If not, what
would you do?
Well, I’ m not sure about this. Maybe yes, and maybe no. But,
most likely, no. I think that the man, who earned enough money to rest
all the residuary life ( or the rest of life) , can allow himself to
do what he really wants to do. I dislike working very much.
That’ s because I don’ t like doing everything related
with necessity to me to do something I don’ t agree with. The
absolute majority of jobs cannot be imagined without such a necessity.
So I’ d like to earn much money, buy a good and modern house not
far away from the city and leave the work. What would I do? Again,
I’ m not absolutely sure. Possibly I’ d read classical and
modern literature, visit interesting exhibitions, travel in this
country and abroad, work in Internet and so on. There are a lot of
intriguing activities which are possible for those who have much free
time and much money to spend (waste).
Imagine that you are allowed to have only 3 electrical things. What
would you choose?
If I could only have three things that worked by electricity, I’
d choose a computer, an electrical cooker and a TV-set. Why would I
choose exactly these things? Because modern life, the life in the
beginning of the 3 rd millennium, cannot be imagined without
abovenamed electrical appliances. A computer, if it has an Internet
access, of course, is the best way to communicate with people in this
country and abroad. New methods of electronic connections allow us to
get info about events worldwide, to write a letter to a friend, to buy
any goods without standing up from your chair and many other
intriguing activities. So a computer is really necessary device with a
lot of possibilities. My second choice, an electrical cooker, is also
obligatory just because each man should eat some food each day and
restaurants or canteens are usually rather expensive. My last option
is a TV-set which is one of the best and, without doubt, the cheapest
way to rest and to get operative news and information.
Describe any situation when quickthinking was very important
That was about 5 months ago, in the beginning of 1999. That time I had
my first university session and it wasn’ t very easy period for
me. I wasn’ t ready to the exams and only hoped for luck. The
History of State and Law of Foreign Countries, which is one of the
most difficult subjects, was our 3 rd exam, but nevertheless I
wasn’ t able to prepare to it good enough. To get 4 or 5 it was
necessary to know texts of Laws and Constitutions perfectly while I
didn’ t know them at all. My examination question concerned the
Constitution of the 3 rd Republic in France. Absolutely not knowing
the text, I attempted to dispute about some aspects of the
Constitution with our teacher Timur Petrovich. In the heat of the
fight he took the chrestomathy, opened the text and said me to read it
– just the thing I