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I. Problem
Among many problems which are actual today fo r our society, the
problem of alcoholism is on one of the first places. The damage which
this trouble makes to separate people, to families, collectives and
all society as a whole is too great. Alcohol consumption in Kazakhstan
is high as for soft alcohol drinks as beer and wine as for strong
alcohol drinks such as vodka and whisky . Trend snizheniya gradusa,
Retrieved February 9, from
In Kazakhstan consumption of alcohol drinks is in c reasing but
middle degree of consumed alcohol drinks is decreasing . Increased
number of consumed soft alcohol drinks is because of growing interest
of underage population in alcohol; it could be explained by
availability, accessibility and advertisement, that provokes young
population to buy and drink this beverages, that is why population now
have alcoholics among children. Anatoliy Vaiskopf, Kazakhtsan vvedet
monopoliu na alkogol Retrieved April 16, 2008 from
l According to official representative of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs of Kazakhstan Kairat Barmakov, because of unlimited
realization of alcoholic production, each third murder in the country
is made under alcohol condition. Also drinking of alcohol drinks in
youth age could be reflected in children psychology. Reproductivnoe
zdorov’ e retrieved February 9, from
http://www.zhas.kz/reproduct_health Alcohol consumption is strongly
reflected on people’ s reproductive system, one of the main
reasons of men’ s infertility is alcohol. In a country with
insufficient demographic situation alcohol consumption problem should
be observed in different way, so that our future generation will be
healthy productive and normally up bring. Alcohol affects every organ
in the body. The problem of alcohol consumption has a place in many
post soviet countries and the reason is the “revolution”
that happened in several month after Mr. Gorbachev became the head of
“CK”, this situation made lots of people unemployed or with
any perception of even tomorrow day . There are a lot of professionals
who were working in different areas of this big country, who then
became alcohol addicted, which then led to scarceness of qualified
workers. Alcohol also is the result of an increased monetary losses
because of accidents connected with the use of alcohol on a workplace,
as well as reduction of work capacity because of «pohmelniy sindrom»,
as example to take surgeon before operation, or flight, train
operation manager which could lead to real disaster. Treating of such
a disease as alcohol addiction is very important issue for whole
nation and also for Health Ministry of Kazakhstan. Not less serious
problem is represented with a female alcoholism, and that more and
more women becoming alcohol addicted at young age and it is especially
terrible. It fatally affects not only