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Реферат American Cinema (Кино и театры Америки)

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Текст реферата American Cinema (Кино и театры Америки)

Minicap Educational Establishment
Secondary School N 0 1 with
Thorough Learning of Foreign Languages
Central District, Chelyabinsk
''American Cinema''
Made by Bragina Kate
Class 10-4
Foreign Language Department
The contents
Introduction. 2
American Cinema 3
The earliest history of film. 4
The earliest movie theatres. 4
The growth of the film industry. 5
Popcorn 7
The Oscar. 7
Hollywood. 7
Beverly Hills. 9
The major film genres. 9
Film Companies 10
Film Directors and Producers 10
Films. 12
Actors and Actresses. 12
Marilyn Monroe. 16
Walt Disney 18
Titanic. 19
Literature. 20
Vocabularly. 21
I’ m a cinema goer. And also I like watching films on TV or
video. But I think, that watching a good film is the best relaxation.
It is thoughtprovoking and entertaining. Now a growing number of
people prefer watching films on TV to attending cinemas. There are
wonderful comedies, love stories, science fiction, horror films,
detective stories, and historical films on. There’ s a variety
of films available today. It is difficult to live without cinema. One
fact is clear for everyone: cinema makes our life better. Cinema helps
us to forget different problems. When people watch films, they have a
rest. Some films take people into another world. I think it is a pure
world, where usual problems do not even exist. Cinema is a great
power, it helps us to understand our complex well. Cinema can leave
nobody indifferent. It is so powerful that it provokes complex
feelings. We meet a lot of people. Everyone has his own opinion about
something and like most of us I have my own opinion too, for example,
about cinema. Cinema is a necessary and important part of my life. It
is my essence, my mode of life and my happiness. Cinema helps me to
cope with difficulties and with incorrigible problems. So that’
s why I have chosen the topic ‘ Cinema’ .
American Cinema
The world of American cinema is so farreaching a topic that it
deserves, and often receives, volumes of its own. Hollywood (in Los
Angeles, California), of course, immediately comes to mind, as do the
many great directors, actors and actresses it continues to attract and
produce. But then, one also thinks of the many independent studios
throughout the country, the educational and documentary series and
films, the sociallyrelevant tradition in cinema, and the film
departments of universities, such as the University of Southern
California (USC), the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
or New York University.
For over 50 years, American films have continued to grow in
popularity throughout the world. Television has only increased this
The great blockbusters of film entertainment that stretch from "Gone
with the Wind" to "Star Wars" receive the most attention. A look at
the prizes awarded at the leading international film festivals will
also demonstrate that as an art form, the American film