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"An English Speaking Co untry"
New Zealand
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1 курса
Факультета управления и психологии
Отделения психологии
Михайлусенко Екатерина
проверила ст.преподаватель Т.В. Оберемко
Краснодар 2005
Geography Location 3
Flora and Fauna 3
Government and Politics 3
Flag 4
Population and People 4
Religion 4
Education 5
Language 5
Holidays 5
Newspapers and Magazines 5
Radio and TV 5
Arts 5
Maori Arts 6
Literature 6
Cinema 6
Summary 7
Glossary 8
Bibliography 9
Geography Location
New Zealand stretches 1600 km from north to south it consists of two
large islands around which are scattered a number of smaller islands,
plus a few farflung islands hundreds of km away. New Zealand's
territorial jurisdiction extends to the islands of Chatham, Kermadec,
Tokelau, Auckland, Antipodes, Snares, Solander and Bounty (most of
them uninhabited) and to the Ross Dependency in Antarctica.
The North Island (115,000 sq km) and the South Island (151,000 sq km)
are the two major land masses. Stewart Island, with an area of 1700 sq
km, lies directly south of the South Island. The country is 10,400 km
southwest of the USA, 1700 km south of Fiji and 2250 km east of
Australia, its nearest large neighbor. Its western coastline faces the
Tasman Sea, the part of the Pacific Ocean which separates New Zealand
and Australia. With a total land mass of 268,000 sq km, altogether New
Zealand's land area is greater than that of the UK (244,800 sq km),
smaller than that of Japan (377,800 sq km), and just a little smaller
than that of Colorado in the USA (270,000 sq km). With only 3,540,000
people, and almost 70% of those living in the five major cities, that
leaves a lot of wide open spaces. The coastline, with many bays,
harbors and fiords, is very Ion relative to the land mass of the
A notable feature of New Zealand's geography is the country's great
number of rivers. There's a lot of rainfall In New Zealand and all
that rain has to go somewhere. The Waikato River in the North Island
is New Zealand's longest river, measuring in at 425 km. Also in the
North Island, the Whanganui River is the country's longest navigable
river, which has made it an important waterway from historic times
down to the present. New Zealand also has a number of beautiful lakes;
Lake Taupo is the largest and lakes Waikaremoana and Wanaka are two of
the most beautiful.
Flora and Fauna
As is the case for most Pacific islands, New Zealand's native flora &
fauna are, for the most part, not found anywhere else in the world.
And, like other Pacific islands, NZ's native ecosystem has been
dramatically affected and changed by plants