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Children Journalism
Introduction 3
2. Beginning of a new era in the Children's journalism. JOURNALS «
Hedgehog» and « Chizh» . 6
Russian press for the young reader as opposed to the « adult» started
with a magazine.
Children's journalism in this country has a rich history. Before the
revolution, mainly in St. Petersburg and Moscow, issued nearly three
hundred children's and youth magazines. Some of them went out for
decades, while others ceased to exist in the first b ook. First of
all, this was due to the fact that publishers do not have sufficient
funds, and at times appeared the magazine does not find its
subscribers on a variety of reasons, but mostly because the
alternative is the deterioration of already publishe d and favorite
« Friend of children» , « Children's Museum» , « Sobesednik» , «
Relax» , « Baby» . « Nursery» , « Igrushechka» , « A gift for
children» , « Malutka» , « Case and fun» , « path» , « Golden
Childhood» , « Snowdrop» , « sun» . Each of these and many other
magazin es had their focus, their themes and structure. Unfortunately,
in the study of children's prerevolutionary journalism we have done
very little, did not disclose the contents of journals in any
bibliographical work, and in connection with the many interes t ing
texts have remained only on the pages of periodicals. However,
recently there appeared the publication of children's magazines last
century, but until this random phenomenon.
The purpose of the proposed works to trace the history of journalism
from t he children's conception and its tendency to influence the
development of the child, depending on the era, the political system,
ideology of society. Therefore, the task of lighting topics will
include the following points: In addition to descriptions of p
eriodicals for children, we will trace the ideology of the
publications, their content, purpose, will be traced the fate of the
people associated with journalism for children.
When writing of the extensive material used child periodicals,
ranging from 18 c entury to the present day, Glavlita papers,
monographs, and memoirs of contemporaries.
The work is of interest to a broad audience: students of philological
departments, cultural workers, the press, journalists, psychologists,
as well as for parents, for w hom the important role of journalism in
the upbringing of their children.
1. H istory of child J ournalism
Until the middle of XVII century children's literature does not exist.
In fact, the first book written specifically for children, was a book
« The World in Pictures» Jan Amos Comenius. The greatest teacher and
school reformer, was the ancestor of the liter a ture relevant to
understanding children.
The first children's magazine in the world has become a « Leptsigsky
weekly flyer» (1772-1774), issued in Germany. After three years, a
special children's periodical «