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« Urals State Technical University UPI »
Foreign language department
« Cultural Values »
Student: Zaitseva S.V.
Group: P П -4
Supervisor : Hramushina Zh.A.
Table of contents:
Summary 3
Key words 4
Introduction 5
1. Definitions: beliefs, values 7
The value / belief puzzle 8
Contrastive orientations 12
Japanese interpersonal norms 15
2. Japanese and American patterns of social behavior 22
The national status image 25
A Cultural model of interaction 27
Seven s tatements about Americans 31
3. Factors influencing values 40
Intercultural communication: a guide to men of action 40
Cuisine, etiquette and cultural values 52
Patterns of speech 55
4. Contrast Russian’ s stereotypes 58
N i ne statements about Russians 58
Middle Eastern interview responses 61
5. American’ s view of Russian. Russian’ s view of
American 65
American interview responses 65
Russian interview responses 75
Conclusion 79
L iterature 80
A ppendix
A diploma work contains 80 pages, 2 tables, 1 figure , 4 books are a
source of it.
Key words: crosscultural communication, values , beliefs, cluster s ,
In detail it is said about concept " values ", factors influencing
values, the meaning of values in intercultural communication and
understanding between different nations.
In brief it is mentioned differences between beliefs, values .
The actuality and novelty of a theme consist in the following points
Problems of the intercultural communication s and cultural valu es
are "young". Scientists started to consider them rather recently. In
Russia researches have begun only in the 80th years. In such a way,
there is not enough literature and materials on the given questions.
Therefore any new works and researches make the significant
contribution to studying these problems.
So in my work I tried : to research the influence of cultural values
to attitude one country to another ; to explore and to compare
Japanese and American patterns of social behavior ; to understand the
factors influencing values; to discover stereotypes between different
In conclusion it is noted that e xcellent knowledge of language is
only halfaffair for successful cooperation with other country. Also it
is necessary to know features of people of other country in
negotiating or their attitude to business. Also it is necessary to
take into account features of dialogue, etiquette, relations with
grownups and many other things .
Crosscultural communication is the information exchange between
one person and any other source t
ransmitting a message displaying
properties of a culture different to the one of the receiver’ s
culture. The source of such a message can be either a person, in an
interpersonal communication process, or any form of mass media or
other form of media.
Value s.