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Реферат Economic system. Changes in economic situation of Russia

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Текст реферата Economic system. Changes in economic situation of Russia

Московский Государственный Университет Приборостроения и Информатики
реферат по английскому языку на тему
« Экономическая система. Изменение экономической
ситуации в России »
Economic system. Change s in economic situation of Russia
Выполнил студент 1-го курса:
гр. МФ ЭФ2-06-01 ДО
Князев В.В.
Манишова В . Д .
Можайск , 2007.
« Economic system. Change s in economic situation of Russia »
1. Economic system 3
1.1. The division of economic systems 3
2. List by handson and handsoff 4
3. Types of economic systems 4
3.1 Market economy 4
3.2 Mixed economy 4
3.3 Planned economy 5
3.4 Traditional economy 6
3.5 Participatory economics 6
4. Changes of an economic situation in Russia 7
4.1. Recent economic developments 7
1. Economic system
An economic system is a mechanism ( social institution ) which deals
with the production , distribution and consumption of goods and
services in a particular society . The economic system is composed of
people , institutions and their relationships to resources, such as
the convention of property . It addresses the problems of economics ,
like the allocation and scarcity of resources.
1.1 The division of economic systems
There are several basic and unfinished questions that must be
answered in order to resolve the problems of economics satisfactorily.
The scarcity problem, for example, requires answers to basic
questions, such as: what to produce, how to produce it, and who gets
what is produced. An economic system is a way of answering these basic
questions. Different economic systems answer them differently.
There is often a strong correlation between certain ideologies ,
political systems and certain economic systems (for example, consider
the meanings of the term " communism "). Many economic systems overlap
each other in various areas (for example, the term " mixed economy "
can be argued to include elements from various systems). There are
also various mutually exclusive hierarchical categorizations.
The basic and general economic systems are:
· Market economy (the basis for several "hands off" systems, such as
capitalism ).
· Mixed economy (a compromise economic system that incorporates some
aspects of the market approach as well as some aspects of the planned
· Planned economy (the basis for several "hands on" systems, such as
socialism ).
· Traditional economy (a generic term for the oldest and traditional
economic systems)
· Participatory economics (a recent proposal for a new economic
An economic system can be considered a part of the social system and
go home hierarchically equal to the law system , political system ,
cultural system , etc.
2. List by handson and handsoff
Typically, "handson" economic systems involve a greater role for
society and/or the government to determine what gets produced, how it
gets produced, and who gets the produced goods and services , with the
stated aim of ensuring