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My favorite book.
My favorite book is "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway.
This story is one of the wellknown works of the writer. The author
depicts the characters of the old man and the boy and their relations
very vividly and skillfully. Santiago, the old man, was one of the
writer's beloved characters. The old man was a born fisherman, but he
was not a butcher and fished only for a living.
He was very lonely. He had a devoted friend the boy, Manolin. The boy
loved the old man for his kind heart, his devotion to the sea. Manolin
was like a son to Santiago. He took care of the old man's food and his
The old man was glad to pass his experience to the boy. He looked
forward to going to the sea together with the boy.
All Santiago's life had been in preparation for the battle with big
fish. He knew that he had been born for this and it was time to prove
it. A strong man at last had met a strong fish. The battle was a
difficult one and full of danger.
Though the sharks had eaten the fish and nothing had left but the
backbone, the old man had morally won the battle. Santiago's words
"man can be destroyed but not defeated" are the main idea of this
"The Old Man and the Sea" is a masterpiece for its imaginative
language and the description of nature.
My Favorite Newspapers.
Newspapers and magazines play a great and very important role in the
life of a modern man.
The newspapers I read are the most readable and have a large
readership or circulation. For example "Arguments and Facts" has a
circulation of more than 5 million. Reading the newspaper I can get
information about current events that have taken or are going to take
place in this country and abroad. I can also read articles about
historical events and public figures of the past. The pages of the
newspaper carry articles on our economy, industry, agriculture and
social life.
The newspaper contains and gives coverage of local, home and foreign
I like the way it presents different points of view, approaches to
the problems, topical issues of the day.
My parents and I subscribe to some periodicals. There is no need to
read all the articles. I can look through the newspapers and read the
items I am interested in.
My Favorite Writer.
My favorite foreign writer is O.Henry. He was born in 1862. O.Henry
is one of the most widely published American authors. His works have
been translated into many languages. The best of his stories were
published in books: ''Cabbages and Kings'', "The 4 million", "Heart of
West" and others. His credo wasart should be true, democratic, it
should address contemporary life and embrace all aspects of life.
O.Henry was an outstanding humorist. He worked out and enriched all
the types of the short story: the anecdote, the adventure story, tales
and sketches. He was most famous for his stories of city life. O.Henry
wrote about 150 stories with a New York background. He was a born
writer of great talent. In childhood I was