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Реферат Enrico Fermi and his discovery

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Текст реферата Enrico Fermi and his discovery

Tyumen State University
Foreign Languages Department for Science
Enrico Fermi and his discovery
Submitted by: E.Chaevskaya
Supervisor: L.V. Skorokhodova
Senior Lecture
Tyumen, 2007
Chapter 1. Biography pp 2 7
Physics in Rome p 2
Nobel Prize & The Manhattan Project p 4
Post-War Work p 5
Personal life p 7
Chapter 2. Fermi's golden rule pp 7 – 8
Chapter 3. Discovery of fermium pp 8 – 11
Facts p 8
History p 9
Binary compaunds p 10
Basic facts p 10
Isotope p 10
Notable characteristics p 11
My course paper is headlined “Enrico Fermi and his
discovery”. I used next source: internet. The purpose of my work
is to describe discovery of the fermium made by Enrico Fermi.
My work consist of three parts. I start by saying about life
Enrico Fermi and his achievement.
In the second part I say about
Fermi's golden rule. And In the third part I say about discovery
of the fermium and its chemica
l and physical properties .
To make the conclusion I want to say that Enrico Fermi was the famous
and successful scientist . And he made a great contribution in the
development of the world science.

Моя курсовая работа называется «Энрико Ферми и его открытие. Я
использовала следующий источник – Интернет. Цель моей работы
– описать открытие фермия Энрико Ферми.
Моя работа состоит из трех частей. Я начинаю говорить о жизни Энрико
Ферми и его достижениях. Во второй части я рассказываю о Золотом
правиле Ферми. И в третьей части я говорю об открытии фермия и его
химических и физических свойствах.
В заключении Я хочу сказать о том что Энрико Ферми был известным и
успешным ученым. И он внес большой вклад в развитие мировой науки.
"With Fermium in your blood, you won't live long!"
Chapter 1. Biography Physics in Rome
Enrico Fermi was born in Rome , Italy on 29th September, 1901 . His
father was Alberto Fermi, a Chief Inspector of the Ministry of
Communications, and his mother was Ida de Gattis. As a young boy he
enjoyed learning physics and mathematics and shared his interests with
his brother Giulio. When Giulio died unexpectedly of a throat abscess
in 1915, Enrico was distraught, and immersed himself into scientific
study to distract himself. Later, Enrico befriended another
scientifically inclined student named Enrico Persico , and the two
together engaged in scientific projects such as building gyroscopes ,
and measuring the magnetic field of the earth . He attended a local
grammar school, and his early aptitude for mathematics and physics was
recognized and encouraged by his father's colleagues, among them A.
Amidei. In 1918, he won a fellowship of the Scuola Normale Superiore
of Pisa. He spent four years at the University of Pisa, gaining his
doctor's degree in physics in 1922, with Professor Puccianti.
Fermi's advisor was Luigi Puccianti . In 1924 Fermi spent a semester
in G ц ttingen , and then stayed for