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Реферат Silk Road from Korea by Guldana Temirkhan

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Текст реферата Silk Road from Korea by Guldana Temirkhan

Guldana Temirkhan
ID: 20051369
News Story 2
Korea is on the Silk Road
The Korean Ministry of culture, sport, and tourism has prepared
festival of Korean culture that
was held in Almaty during Aril 27
– 30. About this event Hae Ran Lee, Coordinator for South Korea
at KIMEP reported.
“ We hope that the festival “Korean culture on the Silk
Road” will be such kind of development of interchange of culture
among our countries,” Hae Ran Lee. “Before Silk Road was
road oriented on trade, culture, and science exchange between West and
East, but today we are also wishing to improve our friendship in all
spheres of life.”
Korean festival has illustrated the essence of modern and traditional
culture. From Korea to Kazakhstan came Folklore Company and Kazakhstan
people could watch the watch and listen to ancient Korean musical
instruments such as kayagim and degim. Only with the help of these
ancient instruments Korean traditional dances can be accomplished. It
includes tepenmu, changokhvum, and so on. Also popular in the world
professionals of Break Dance will show their performance.
But it was not the end. “Korean Culture on the Silk Road”
festival decided to introduce to Kazakhstan people their traditional
kitchen and even more to share with the recipe of the cooking.
Besides, after, Korean national clothes and introduction of Korean
movies took places in the festival.
The Korean Ministry of culture, sport, and tourism representative
stated that the Kazakhstan festival will also be held in Korea soon.