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Реферат The Grattitude Letter

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The Gratitude Paper
David Van Nuys, Ph.D, developed the assignment, based on ideas of
Martin P. Seligman, Ph.D. (
http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vannuysd/201/gratitude_paper.html , Nov
1, 2007)
The assignment is as follows:
1. Pick a person in your life whom you’ d like to thank,
someone who has meant a lot to you. Please don't pick too easy a
person for this. Rather than picking your
roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend, you should pick some special person in
your life who has made a big impact, perhaps a bigger impact than they
were aware of, and whom you never adequately thanked.”
2. Write this person a gratitude letter, describing your appreciation
of the impact/help/support of thi s person on your life. After you
’ ve written it, call the person and ask to visit. Read the
letter aloud when you are face to face. If a facetoface visit is not
possible, then read it aloud to them over the phone and then send them
the letter.
3. The next part of the assignment is for you to write up who is
person you selected, why you have selected him/her, what happened as
you carried out this assignment and how you felt doing so. What was
the reaction of this person to your letter? Try to figure out why I
have asked to make this assignment? Which of the previous lecture
topics and concepts relate to this assignment?
The paper should not be less than 3 pages long (1 page gratitude
letter and 2 pages of essay), use Time New Roman, 12-font size, double
– space interval, and 1” margins.
Deadline is April 16 in class.