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Traditional Meals in Mexico
T he Mexican dishes are very diverse and extremely delicious. The
influence of the Spanish and Indian cultures can be felt in them. The
roots of the Mexican cuisine go right into the depth of the Indian
Maya and Aztec cultur es. It is the Mayas and the Aztecs who have made
the Spanish conquistadors aware of tomatoes, avocados, peanuts, squash
(vegetable marrows), sweet and white potatoes, pineapples, papaya,
vanilla, cocoa, certain string bean and Chili pepper varieties.
O ne good turn deserves another: the Spaniards have brought cattle,
sheep, chickens, wheat, rice, nuts, oil, garlic, cinnamon, some other
spices and fruit to the Americas. The missioner nuns living in Mexico
were entrusted the responsibility for the developmen t and
distribution of new dishes. For their cooking they used the
ingredients typical of the Indian as well as Spanish cuisine.
S tep by step the Mexican cuisine was winning its ever increasing
popularity, and the Latin American Indian cooks were adapting their
traditional meals to the European palate and the Europeanorigin
ingredients. The Mexican cuisine is characterized with the ingredients
and dishes that have already become classics: Chili pepper, tortillas,
tacos, rice and string beans. And it is un d oubtedly tequila that
rates first among the spirits!
I t goes without saying that the only word describing the Mexican
Cuisine is chili, and especially chili peppers. It makes no difference
are they either unbroken or cut into pieces, either pickled or fre sh,
either tinned or dried, chili peppers are integral part of the Mexican
C hili seasoning is a clue to understanding of unique taste of the
Mexican cuisine.
M exican legend about chili says that it protects from cold and
malaria, is good for digest ion, cleanses blood and raises immunity.
T ortilla substitutes for bread in Mexico. It may be fried, baked,
sauced or with different fillings (for example, with jelly). You may
also eat it in itself. Tortilla is often used for tacos.
T aco is the most popula r appetizer in Mexico. The principal
ingredient is a crisp corn cake, fried in the form of U. Taco shells
as a rule are filled with meat and seasoning or with string bean. Then
it is topped with cut lettuce, onion, tomatoes and grated cheese. All
this is e nriched with red or green chili sauce. Variants of cooking
taco sauce are endless. Taco sauce cooked of tomatoes, onion, chili
pepper, garlic and other seasoning creates a unique taste of the
Mexican cuisine.
R ice and string beans is considered to be the m ost traditional
Mexican garnish.
S tring beans usually are kneaded or whipped to fill taco. As a
garnish string beans may be served in whole. Fried string beans are a
string beans mash, fried in oil.
R ice is another popular garnish for majority of the Mexic an
dishes. “ Mexican rice” may be cooked by different ways.
Every Mexican family has its own recipe, inherited from the ancestors.
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