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I’ ve read the article from the World business newspaper
FINANCIAL TIMES. This article about: “How to select the best
candidates— and avoid the worst?” I think all companies
have this problem.
Investing thousands of pounds in the recruitment and training of each
new graduate recruit may be just the beginning. Choosing the wrong
candidate may leave an organization paying for years to come.
Few companies will have escaped all of the following failures: people
who panic at the 1st sign of stress, people who seem incapable of
learning, unstable people.
The 1st point to bear in mind at the recruitment stage is that people
don’ t change. Intelligence levels decline modestly, but change
little over their working life. The same is true of abilities, such as
learning languages and handling numbers.
Most people like to think that personality can change, particularly
the more negative features. But date affected over 50 years gives a
clear message: still stable after all these years. Personal crises can
affect the way we cope with things: we might take up or drop drink,
drugs. Skills can be improved, and new ones introduced, but at rather
different rates. People can be groomed for a job. Of course, people
can be sent on training courses, diplomas, but better to select for
what you actually see rather than attempt to change it.
I think that people can change during their life. They grow up and
change their world view and ideology. They get a lot of information
during their life, they reed books, meet new people, go around
different society. In these circumstances people can’ t stay the
same during their whole life.