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Реферат How far is China from Europe

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Текст реферата How far is China from Europe

Russian Federation
Ministry of Education
Tyumen State University
Faculty of History and Political Science
Department of Contemporary History and International Relations
European Union SS 2004
Term paper
Topic: How far is China from Europe?
Lyzhin Sergey
924 B group
Robert Bosch Foundation lecturer
Tyumen 2004
During the centuries, the Europeans were trying for getting to China.
Nowadays, we can see practically the same picture. But unlike the
Middle Ages, the Europe has strong rivals in the face of Russia and
the USA. All of this political actors are trying to become a main
trade partner of China, perhaps, the most favorable market in the
world. The resources of China are great, and investments into them
could provide also great profit in future. Also we should mention that
China is developing country and if the European Union wants to get a
strong cooperation with Beijing, it has to help China to become a
“European” country. But as we know, China is very far from
Europe. How could the EU help to China to become a “part” of
Europe? The XXI st century is a century of technology and information
and if the Europeans will build modern society in this Asian state,
and if modern technologies of communication will play their role,
perhaps, someday, we could say that China is “European”
country. In this paper author will try to define how far is China from
Europe. To achieve this goal we should investigate EU-China’ s
relationships and some variants of further cooperation.
In author’ s opinion, the main problem of EU-China’ s
relations is China’ s socialist traditions. Because of them,
Beijing’ s domestic policy is very different from European
ideals of democracy and liberal society. That is why one of the most
important directions of EU-China’ s cooperation is social
sphere. But it is necessary to say that social direction is not the
only one – the economic cooperation is also very important
direction of EU-China’ s relationships. On the 15 th of May
2002, the EU adopted a new strategy towards China: implementation of
the 1998 Communication and future steps for a more effective EU policy
This communication recalls and confirms in a comprehensive and
coherent manner the objectives of the EU policy regarding China
defined in 1998. In its 1998 Communication entitled "Building a
comprehensive partnership with China", the Commission set out the
following objectives:
· engaging China further in the international community through an
upgraded political dialogue;
· supporting China's transition to an open society based upon the
rule of law and respect for human rights and democracy;
· integrating China further in the world economy by bringing it more
fully into the world trading system and by supporting the process of
economic and social reform under way in the country;